An Overview of the Organization Model for The Birmingham Bus Riders

We are mobilizing a direct action individual membership organization, as a part of a national movement, that will work to win issues for improving and expanding public transportation in the Birmingham Metropolitan Area and in Alabama.

The organization will be funded by $12/year dues paid by individual members; money raised by fund raisers that are carried out by the members; and by contributions from others who support our mission and work. No contributions will be tax deductible.

The organization will be a democratically operated organization. Qualifications for voting will be based on busrider status, attendance at membership meetings and by being up to date on dues.

Power will be shared through an elected 5 – 9 member coordinating committee that will select from its ranks rotating presiding officers. The coordinating committee will select issues, develop budgets, and develop strategies.

These decisions will be subject to member approval. Membership meetings will be held monthly.

The coordinating committee will have authority to appoint other working committees to build the organization and win issues.

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