Moral Monday Alabama Press Conference 12/9/2014

For Immediate Release:  December 5, 2014

For more information contact: Benard Simelton; 256-426-6406 or  Terri Michal, 256-679-7135

The Moral Monday Movement is a statewide, multicultural coalition of organizations and individuals fighting for a Moral Legislative Agenda for all Alabamians.

Through rallies and public forums we seek to inform and educate communities on issues that affect them such as Voter’s Rights, Worker’s Rights, Immigrant Justice, LGBT Rights, Health Care and many others.  We believe that ‘We the people’ are words that still mean something and that these words can still create positive change in our state. Because of this we go beyond these events to help organize the community’s efforts in contacting the Governor and legislators on the issues that are important to the people.

We are pleased to announce that the efforts of this coalition over the past 10 months have resulted in the creation of Moral Policy Statements that outlines a Moral Agenda covering 11 different categories.  We are requesting that these statements receive the attention of our Governor and our Legislators.

To ensure this will happen, we will hold a press conference on the steps of the State Capital on Dec. 10th at 10:00AM to personally deliver the statements to Gov. Bentley.  The media and the citizens of Alabama are invited to join us for the reading of the Moral Policy Statements and the presentation to the Governor.

The following organizations of the Alabama’s Moral Monday Coalition have endorsed this event and the Moral Policy Statements:

Alabama NAACP

Alabama Human Rights Campaign
Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice

Birmingham Progressive Christian Alliance

Birmingham Bus Riders

Central Alabama Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church

Community and Business Services of Alabama

Greater Birmingham Ministries

Success 4 The Future

Support our Students

Project Hope to Abolish the Death Penalty




Moral Monday Press conf Agenda

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